Day 97

It was a hard day. Actually it was the hardest day since I started my 100 day project. Last night I didn’t feel good so I took the medicine and went to bed early. This morning I was so tired and sleepy. After I took my husband to the CTA train station, I came back home instead going to the gym. I just couldn’t do it. I needed to sleep/rest more. After couple of hours of sleep, I went to the gym. But still I didn’t feel it. I thought about just doing 3 miles. The first mile was really hard. But somehow I managed to run 3 miles. Then I started to feel a little better so I did some more. My mileage for today was 4.07 miles. That was a lot for me today. I’m proud of myself for not giving up. That’s one reason I should have another specific goal. I know me. Once I have a certain goal, I tend to be stuck on it. Without my 100 day project, today would be the idle day and I would be lazy for more days. And I know how dangerous those ‘few’ days of rest could be. That’s how I didn’t run more than a year – well… almost two years.

My husband got his hair cut and he looks so cute! And he’s eating more healthy food these days. I love to see him eating salads:)


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