Day 95

My husband succeeded in waking me up this morning again. So we went to the gym early in the morning. I felt tired at first but started to feel better in the second half. I ran 5.41 miles. My husband walked 3.43 miles. I think we had good enough exercise to burn the calories from the apple turnovers we had last night:-)

It’s day 95 and I’m still feeling quite good. One thing I worried about when I started my 100 day project was getting injuries like shin splints or ITBS because I have not had any real rest day. But so far I didn’t have any kind of injury problem, knock on wood. Maybe I have been babying myself too much? Or I have been doing it right. Hopefully, it’s the latter. My project is to build a sturdy endurance base for running more, better, and wiser. So let’s get this project done without any injury. That’s what I’m focusing on now. 5 more days to go to accomplish my first goal!

Today, my corgis were sleeping a lot. I took a picture of Cappy. She still looks like a puppy when she’s sleeping:-)



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