Day 91

I love the weekend because I can sleep more in the morning:) Today I went back to bed after I took my corgis out. Jeter and Cappy joined the sweet nap with us. So I went to the gym with my husband later. I ran 5.31 miles and my husband walked 3.54 miles. The gym was rather quiet today. But my husband had some hard time because of the guy who was running next to him. I knew why because once the same guy was on the treadmill next to me. That guy has very bad BO. Yes, it’s hard for us to have a good day at the gym these days. Always someone/something’s there to bother us. I know that’s the beauty of going to the gym. Never get bored..just get annoyed:)

But anyway I did my run for today. My 13th week was completed(38.87 miles). Now there are single-digit days left to complete my 100 day project. I’m thinking about what to do after accomplishing my goal. I don’t know whether I will have a real “rest” day soon. I know how valuable and important it is to have rest days to prevent injuries and improve your performance. But at the same time, I love to run everyday and I’m afraid to be lazy again and fall off the wagon. One more thing is that my intensity level has been medium-low. I’m not a competitive runner. What I want is to have a healthy habit of moving my body. Now I understand why many runners said the longer your streak goes, the harder it is for you to stop it voluntarily.

Well… first things first. Before I decide what to do on day 101, I need to complete 100 days. Anything can happen in 9 days. Hopefully nothing stops me from accomplishing my first goal.


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