Day 90

I had another easy day. I ran 5.06 miles slowly. I just didn’t feel it today. There was that disgusting shower man and he still washed his face and neck at the water fountain. There was a male staff member who chatted annoyingly and loudly forever. Cleaning guy filled the spray bottle not with disinfectant solution but with water from the water fountain. And most of all, a rude and stupid woman staff member with a sucky attitude was on the phone when I expressed my concern about the shower man. LA Fitness sucks. Really sucks. It was a Bally’s before and this gym was old, dirty, and annoying, but now it’s much worse. Today I really wish I had a treadmill at home so I don’t need to deal with these annoying people. I’m so tired of this yucky gym. I miss warm weather and I miss running outside at the forest preserve trail.

Okay. End of my rant for today. Ugh!!

Anyway I ran and I completed 90% of my project. 10 more days to go.


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