Day 89

I’ve been running more miles recently. So I gave my legs an easy day today. I ran 5.04 miles at an easy pace. I remember the first time when I ran 5 miles at the gym. Back then running 5 miles means I worked hard. But now, I’m calling the same 5 miles an ‘easy day’ 🙂

At the gym today, I saw that ‘Onion Lady’ again. Thankfully she was using a stationary bike on the other side of the gym. I was glad she didn’t come next to me like the other day but at the same time I got so curious whether she smells like a raw onion again. I had to admit I was tempted to go there to check. But I didn’t:) it took some willpower not to do that. But I imagined myself sniffing around somebody like a bloodhound and that made me giggle.


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