Day 87

At the gym we go the treadmills are programmed for 60 minutes plus 5 minutes of cool down. Usually I do 5 minutes of walk, another 10 minutes of slow running for warming up. Then I gradually increase the speed and run for 45 minutes before the treadmill goes to the cool down mode. I’m trying to hit 6 miles in this time frame but couldn’t do that yet. I ran 6.05 miles this morning thanks to additional minutes I added. I just wanted to do 6 miles today.

With today’s mileage, I passed the 400 mile mark. As of today, my total mileage since I started my project is 404.63 miles. (I found some mistakes of adding daily mileage and corrected them too. I should’ve used Excel in the first place.) It took 20 days – including a recovery week – to have another 100 miles since I hit the 300 mile mark. I still have 13 more days to go. So if I run 5+ miles everyday, my total mileage would be more than 470 miles. Good job legs!!!


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