Day 85

Last night, that annoying coughing and chest congestion came back. Come on! The weather has been mild and I just went to the gym, didn’t go out to run. But somehow I got the bug again. So before it started to eat me, I needed to tackle it first. I took medicine and went to bed early. I slept all morning today. Sleeping more always helped. I ate croissants, took some time and went to the gym. I ran 5.65 miles. During my 12th and recovery week, I slowed down my pace along with my daily mileage. But that week was over yesterday. My pace and mileage were restored today to the level prior to the recovery week and I felt great.

When you consider that it was Super Bowl Sunday afternoon, there were more people than I expected at the gym. I hopped on a treadmill I used often. There was a guy running on a treadmill next to me. He checked my pace when I started my exercise. After the warming up, I started to run slowly. That was when he kept checking the numbers on the control panel of the treadmill I ran on EVERY minute. I know some men just can’t take it when women run faster. But it was a quite funny situation to me because I’m not a fast one and that guy was not even ready to save his ego! I just ran easily for 10 minutes and gradually increased the speed. And every time I did that, he checked my speed and set a little bit faster than me. I didn’t have any problem with that but he did. He only could maintain that pace less than a minute and got out of breath. Then he looked upset. I could see his face in the mirror. After he tried to keep pace with me a few more times, he gave up and left. His unplanned and unready “speed work” made me giggle. I wanted to say to him “Hey young man, improve your endurance before you risk your legs!”. His ego might be bruised a lot. Who thought a penguin runner like me can have this kind of moment, Ha!!


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