Day 84

The last day of my recovery week. I went to the gym with my husband. It was crowded but all the members were into their exercise. I ran 4.59 miles and felt good. So my little “recovery” week is over with a total of 32.32 miles. 14%(5.23 miles) less than the previous week. Mileage wise, it’s like I had a full day off but considering the fact that I slowed down the average speed, the ‘resting effect’ would be a little bit more. My husband walked 3.43 miles. Since I finished my run before he did, I watched him exercising. He was so focused and walking in rhythm. He is doing good. One day we will run the race together.

In the afternoon, we all had a nap together. Two humans and two corgis. Jeter and Cappy are still in resting mode. They love to have both of us with them. I love this kind of relaxing Saturday.


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