Day 82

The 5th day of my recovery week. Thursday morning run is always hard. I didn’t sleep much. I thought about sleeping some more after I took my husband to the CTA station and going to the trail in the afternoon. But it took more time than going to the gym and I didn’t feel like driving to the trail. So I went to the gym. It was crowded and there were inconsiderate chatty members again. Typical gym day these days. I ran 4.78 miles. I know I’m having a recovery week. I just ran easily. I’m kind of getting tired of the recovery week. Running less makes me cranky even though I didn’t decrease my daily mileage that much. Maybe it’s just psychological. Anyway I’m not thrilled about it. It feels like I’m losing the endurance I have been building. Just 2 more days …. and let’s see how I will feel my 13th week.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I need to go to bed early tonight.


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