Day 81

The 4th day of my recovery week. I went to the gym early with my husband. There are good things about going to the gym early. I can finish my run for the day and have a whole day for other things. I don’t need to feel guilty for leaving my dogs in their crates while I go to the gym since they are still sleeping at 5 am. But there are some not so good things too. Of course you need to get up early. I’m not a morning person so it is always hard for my husband to drag me out of the bed:-) And one really bad thing about going to the gym early in the morning is if there is something/someone at the gym that bothers you, that means you start your day with being upset or frustrated. Just like today.

When you think about people going to the gym at 5:30am, you expect to see someone who makes a commitment to exercise. But at our gym, there are members who come to the gym that early just to chat endlessly and loudly. One woman, who comes every morning, is especially bad. What she does at the gym is talk, talk, and talk. She also uses her arms and hands while talking. She exercises only less than 10 minutes with the lowest intensity and after that she spend more than 20 minutes to keep talking. She was at the gym today again. Annoying as hell again. And which made things worse was there were more chatty people today. It was like a National Chatty Wednesday. Chatty Cathys and Clucking Chucks everywhere. The worst one was an old man next to my husband. He was walking slowly and once another guy he knew came next to him, he stopped exercising. He stayed on the treadmill and talked so loudly – almost yelling – for bloody 40 minutes! Ugh!! On my right side, two women on stationary bikes were talking to each other loudly and some other guys in front of us were chatty chatty, too. I had my iPod on but could still hear them. I was so annoyed. I really wanted to yell at their ears “Shut up and do your exercise! Or go home!” My husband was bothered by them, too. I wish I were a witch and could cast silence spells on them. Seriously.

I ran 4.51 miles though. Running while being frustrated was hard. I run to be happy. But that was not the case. Today I needed to clean lots of toxic waste I got from the gym from my mind. My husband walked 3.43 miles. Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow.


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