Day 80

The third day of my recovery week. It was a beautiful morning. It was sunny and the temperature was above 50 degrees. So I went to the forest preserve trail to run instead of going to the gym. It was colder than I thought because of a strong wind. I was glad I grabbed my fleece hat before I headed to the car. I put it on to cover my ears and started to run. There were many people out to enjoy this unusual January weather. Some of them were even wearing shorts. The high temperature today was 57 but this morning the temperature wasn’t there yet and to me it was still too cold to wear shorts. I forgot to bring my running gloves and I missed them.

I ran 4.7 miles. Unlike many of my DailyMile friends, I found running on a treadmill is easier than running outside on the road. Today was not an exception. But I started to break a sweat after 1 mile and enjoyed running outside. There were some spots covered with snow/slush and ice. There were puddles, too. I needed to find drier spots to pass because my shoes(Nike Free Run+2) are so light and comfortable but they are really easy to get wet. Anyway, I got plenty of vitamin D today. I thought about going out to run in the afternoon when the temperature goes up more but going out in the morning was the right decision because it got cloudy.

I checked my monthly mileage when I came back home. I ran a total of 160 miles in January. Not bad. Not bad at all:)


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