Day 79

The second day of my recovery week. I ran 4.55 miles today. It still feels strange to run less but I kind of enjoyed my easy run until a woman hopped onto the treadmill next to me. Oh my word.. she smelled like a giant raw onion. For the rest of my run, the only thing I did was try to figure out what kind of food you can eat in the morning with tons of raw onions. I learned today the smell of strong raw onion can be as bad as BO or strong perfume. I put her on my gym black list.

Even though there are some members I want to avoid to be near and I need to work on wiping and sanitizing, I still don’t mind going to the gym. Sometimes you can get motivated by watching all kinds of people exercising. Today after I finished my easy run, I watched the class for awhile. One thing I want to try after completing my 100 day project is the group exercise. There are only a few classes that my gym offers, but still I can try. I have been um…a lone wolf, when it comes to exercise at the gym and I feel a little bit awkward just by imagining myself in the group class 🙂


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