Day 78

It is the first day of my 12th week and it is also the first day of my recovery week. To follow my plan – running 10 to 20 percent less – I ran 4.61 miles. It felt a little bit strange. It felt like I didn’t do enough. But I should remember this is for a strong finish of my 100 day project. My legs worked hard for 11 weeks. They deserve to have a recovery week. My husband walked 3.37 miles. He is doing good. A little by little, he is improving his walking.

Last night we shared two cupcakes – a red velvet and a peach cobbler. They were so good. We had a red velvet cupcake before so we knew it wouldn’t disappoint us. But it was the first time we tried a peach cobbler. I was so glad we got that one. It was light yet flavorful. Its frosting was fluffy. It was just so right. Tonight we will have the other two cupcakes which are left. I like these cupcakes:)


3 thoughts on “Day 78

    • We got these cupcakes from ‘Molly’s cupcakes’ in Chicago – our favorite cupcake place. My previous blog post has their website link. I enjoyed a red velvet and a peach cobbler but my favorite one is ‘ron bennington’. It is a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and chocolate garnish. This one is a killer:)

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