Day 73

Day 73. I ran 5.58 miles. I was still half asleep while my husband was driving to the gym. But once I pressed the start button on the treadmill, my legs moved in rhythm. I pushed the envelope a little. My pace stayed between 5.7 to 6.0 mph, more than before. Hopefully sooner or later I can run faster than 6.0 mph comfortably. But I know right now I am not still 100% yet. Tonight I will go to sleep early again. I need to get rid of this coughing and chest congestion completely.

My husband walked 3.27 miles. He is doing so well. Along with going to the gym, recently we are being more careful about what we eat. We are eating healthier foods. I’m so glad my husband is trying to eat more vegetables.

Temperature got milder and all the salt was gone. That made the dog walk easier…until the next snow.


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