Day 71

I still have some coughing and sinus problems. Yesterday after I slept more I felt better but at night the symptoms came back. Today we went to the gym in the morning and I struggled a little bit. My legs felt fine. But I had to work hard to breathe. So I slowed down and had 3 walking breaks. My mileage today was 5.15. But it wasn’t that good of a run. I need to take care of my sinus problems. My husband walked 3.28 miles. Today at the gym, an English premiere soccer game(Manchester United vs.Arsenal) was on tv. It was way better than watching infomercials.

Yesterday I wore one of my new running tops and loved it. It is really light and soft. But I’m saving my new pair of shoes for a drier day 🙂

It was the first day of my 11th week. When I started my 100 day project it seemed quite daunting. But I already have 10 weeks under my belt. It has been easier than I thought. I think one thing that helped me was that I didn’t think about how many days left. I just kept running one day at a time and will do the same the rest of my project.


2 thoughts on “Day 71

    • Sorry for the belated reply. Welcome to my blog 🙂 I have several Nike and Adidas running tops. My two new running tops are Nike Women’s Fast Pace running shirts. They are lighter than my old ones. And they are on sale 🙂

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