Day 69

It has been snowing all day. It started to snow a little when I entered the gym. I expected less people in the gym but it was crowded. I ran 5.52 miles and enjoyed it again. Just one more day to go to complete my 10th week. I thought about having a recovery week after this week but my legs are not tired at all. I’m feeling strong. I will listen to my body but for now I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until I feel tired.

My new pair of running shoes and two running tops were delivered today. They are early birthday gifts from my husband. I got a pair of running shoes (Nike Free run+2) for Christmas and I love them. So I wanted another pair and he found a good deal ($71.97). I love the orange color.

On a snowy day like today, taking Jeter and Cappy out is not an easy thing to do. They are so excited and become sled dogs. So I took them out one by on and played with them in the snow. They love love love the snow.

"I love snow!! I'm super happy!!"

My handsome boy Jeter looks majestic in the snow. He is the snow king corgi!!


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