Day 66

On my Day 66, I ran 5.53 miles. It was the most daily mileage at the gym since I started my 100 day project. Compared to the day before yesterday, I ran a half mile more in the same amount of time. I felt strong. The weather outside was gloomy but I was happy 🙂

These days I’m thinking about what I will do after this 100 day project. Should I keep running everyday or not? When I was training myself for marathons, I had a day off after I did a long run. I also had a day off after a tempo run. So in a week, I had at least 2 rest days. But I don’t think I trained hard enough and having rest days were more for psychological reasons for me than physical reasons. Now I have been running 66 days in a row and I kind of like running everyday. I’m still getting suggestions like “running everyday is not good for you”, “your body needs some time to recover”. People debate this all the time. But I really think it’s up to the individual. It’s up to your physical ability, fitness level, running intensity, whether you prefer to mix it up or not, and life style. And you should listen to your body. In the last 66 days, when I felt tired I slowed down or ran less. I don’t remember feeling tired more than 2 days in a row. I rested enough after I ran. I don’t have any slight pain or injury, knock on wood. I read the article “10 signs that you need a rest day” from Runner’s World the other day. According to this article, I’m okay. (I don’t know about my oxygen level, though.)

So will I keep running everyday after i completed my project? That I don’t know. It’s like a double-edged sword. To keep my running streak alive, I don’t change my exercise pattern a lot. No long run, no speed work, no tempo run, no cross training. Just same old running 4-5 miles a day. It’s good for now because I’m building the foundation. But later I want to do some more training and try different things like a fitness class or yoga. And I don’t want to run everyday for the sake of a “streak”. Maybe I will keep running everyday even after this 100 day project but not just for the running streak itself. If I get sick, I wouldn’t be a knucklehead and go running in the rain or go to the gym and spread germs. Anyway, one thing for sure is I won’t go back to the sedentary days. Why would I do that? Running makes me happy and fit.


2 thoughts on “Day 66

  1. Hi runningcorgi 🙂
    Great blog, love the running corgies 😀 I have just started running this last few weeks. Well, it is more run/walk/run intervals at the moment, that said I have noticed that rest days are a pain in the backside or legs (literally!). I do stretch and everything, however, if I have a rest day when I get back to running the next day it feels so much harder. When I run/walk a few days in a row it feels so much better so I can see where you are coming from!

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