Day 63

We went to the gym to run a little bit late today. After we took the doggies out, we fell asleep again. Well.. that’s the beauty of the weekend 🙂

My husband walked 3 miles and I ran 5.10 miles. That completed my 9th week. This week I ran a total of 36.43 miles. It was the first time my weekly mileage reached beyond 35 miles since I started my project. I’m trying to do the same next week but if my legs feel heavy, I will go easy. I’m thinking about having a recovery week after the 10th week. Anyway I’m happy that I had a very good running week.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Day 63

  1. You say you’re a slow runner, but you’ve been logging quite a few miles. If your husband can walk 3 miles in the time that you run 5.1 miles, I imagine either he is a very slow walker or you are not as slow as you say you are. Do you mind me asking what your pace is?

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