Day 60

It was another unseasonably warm day. Who expected to see sunny and warm days like yesterday and today in January in Chicago? Perfect day to run outside. So I went to the forest preserve trail.

There were many runners, walkers, and bicycle riders. Many dogs were out with their humans, too. Everybody seems to enjoy this unusual chance to be outside. I really wished to have some good running today but unfortunately, I couldn’t breath efficiently. Maybe I was too excited being outside and ran too fast before I warmed up properly. Or even though it was a warm day for January, my body was not used to breathing in cold air. Whatever the reason was, I had a hard time to find my rhythm. So I slowed down and just enjoyed the great weather and sunshine. I did 6 miles for day 60. That was good enough for me. I completed 60% of my 100 day project 🙂

Now let’s wait and see if we really will get 8 inches of snow from tonight through tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 60

  1. Congratulations! I’m glad you ran outside. Sticking only to one mode of running can be detrimental – I like changing it up and getting off the track for some variety in my terrain, though most of my runs are on the track, where it’s consistent. Good job! Today was day 89 for me .. not quite at 25% yet! Keep up the great work!

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