Day 59

We went to the gym early in the morning. I didn’t feel that good since last night so I had an easy day. I ran 4.61 miles slowly. My husband walked 2.67 miles.

I took Jeter and Cappy to Doggy Dojo. They need to burn some energy up. They need to play with other dogs. They were super excited when we got there. Doing my run early and corgis at the doggy daycare center gave me a whole day to rest.

It feels really weird to have this kind of warm day in mid January. It was above 50 degree today and tomorrow will be warm again. I plan to run outside tomorrow because it will be the last chance to run outside for awhile. Thursday will be cold and snowy.

Jeter and Cappy came back home. So did my husband. Our corgis ate their dinner happily. They will sleep really well tonight.

Oh, I registered for the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K.


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