Day 58

I ran 5.18 miles today. I felt good but when I came back home, I suddenly felt tired. My plan for today was putting Christmas ornaments back into the box but I didn’t do anything. I just did a laundry and tried to take some rest but Cappy bugged me all day. She wanted to play fetch endlessly so when I stopped it and lay down on the sofa, she threw a toy to my face. She woofed at nothing and everything. She did the zoomies several times. She kept going like an energizer bunny. She just didn’t let me rest. It’s time to take her and Jeter to the Doggy Dojo. I made an appointment.

I’m going to register for the 2012 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K. It is the largest 8K road race in the world and I ran it once in 2009 in the snow and slush. It was the craziest race I ever ran. Even before I passed the starting line, I couldn’t feel my feet and I ran 8K with numb and frozen feet. Everybody ran in the blowing snow and the whole course was covered with deep snow turned into slush. Lots of runners didn’t show up. Maybe they were normal and the runners who came out in that weather for the race were crazy. But, I can say I never had that much crazy fun in my adulthood 🙂

2009 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle - waiting for the start with wet shoes in the slush

2009 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle - Let's start!

2009 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle - running in the gusty wind

It is considered as the opening act of the outdoor running/racing season in the Chicago area. Thanks to the fickle weather in Chicago, race organizer pushed the race date to April last year. But this year it will be on March 25th. My 100 day project will end in February. So registering for the Shamrock Shuffle will give me my post project motivation. I just need to find something green to wear 🙂


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