Day 57

This morning I slept more and got ready for the gym around 10 o’clock. My husband still didn’t make up his mind whether to join me or not. He was leaning toward not going but I dragged him to the gym :p I know when you stop going to the gym for awhile, it gets harder to go back again and you need someone to drag you. He did that to me when I was tempted to skip running, so now it was my turn to help him.

I like going to the gym with him. I ran 5.03 miles. He walked 2.35 miles. It was the first day he came back to the gym, he finished walking earlier. And he did the bike for 2.5 miles while he was waiting for me. I think that was a right and wise move.

When we came back home, he thanked me for pushing him back to the gym. He said he is feeling better and glad he went to the gym. Getting sweaty from exercise almost always makes you happier. Running is sanity 🙂


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