Day 55

Common sense. I think some people just don’t have it. Or do inappropriate things even though they know it’s not right. Which case would be worse?

Today at the gym, I hopped on my favorite treadmill which is located at the end and the next one is out of order 🙂 I turned my iPod on and started to run. There were three step climbers in front of me. They are so popular and always occupied. Usually members who use those climbers sweat a lot and are very good at wiping machines before and after. But today I saw one man who was on one of the climbers and found his behavior very disgusting. He did wipe the machine and wasn’t a loud talker. But what he did was not right and really grinds my gears. – Yes, I stole this line from Peter Griffin 🙂

While I was running I saw him going to the water fountain which is not that far away from me. That’s a common thing you can see. But instead of drinking water, he washed his sweaty face, neck, and arms! What?? Then he went back to the climber and kept exercising. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. The problem was… he did the same thing three more times! And you know what? He drank water from his own water bottle!! So he must consider that water fountain for the members as his own washing sink. Yuck.

After I finished my run, on the way to the parking lot, I talked to a staff member about that man’s behavior. She was shocked and disgusted, too. She said she will report it. I don’t know what the gym will do about it. Maybe they’ll put up a sign? But for my own safety, I will never, ever drink from that water fountain. Well.. I never drank from the water fountain before. You’ll never know what other disgusting things happened when I wasn’t there. I read somewhere that water fountains of hospitals and gyms are not as clean as you wish.

Even while I was disgusted, I still ran 5 miles. Hope my friends are bringing their own water to the gym.


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