Day 54

My husband has been on the shelf with some foot pain. Maybe going to the gym plus lots of walking around the holiday in his dress shoes were too much for him. We can’t take any of his foot/ankle related problems lightly . He had two ankle surgeries in recent years and had some foot problems before. He stopped going to the gym and made an appointment with his foot doctor. Today was the day and we needed to go to Westchester in the morning. So my plan was to go to the gym early because I don’t want Jeter and Cappy to stay in their crates all day.

Last night I worked. After I finished my work, I couldn’t fall asleep until 5:30 am! My brain was too awake. Drinking too much coffee would be another reason. I thought about just going to the gym but I didn’t want to go to the gym that early by myself. So I waited and rested a little bit more. I was going to get up at 6:30ish. But I dozed off and when I got up, it was already 7 o’clock. Oops. I rushed to the gym. I felt like being the white rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland.” I’m late, I’m late!

At the gym, unlike yesterday, my feet felt light. Since I didn’t have enough time, I ran faster than usual. I ran 4.33 miles. I could run farther if I had a little more time. But I think it’s good enough for today. I didn’t sleep much and I need to take care of several things today.

The waiting room at the doctor’s office was so crowded and very noisy. Why don’t people use indoor voice when they talk on the phone? I regretted I didn’t bring my iPod. But we got the good news from the doctor. He doesn’t have any fracture. The doctor said he can go back to the gym, do it gradually and if the pain doesn’t go away, he needs to come back to see the doctor.

It was a warm day. The temperature was around 50 degrees. I know this kind of weather will not stay long but it was nice to have this warm day in January. I just wish it would rain hard in the middle of the night so all the salt will be washed away.


2 thoughts on “Day 54

  1. Running over 4 miles fast on 1.5 hours sleep? You are one tough cookie. I hope you get lots of sleep tonight. I am struggling on 5-6 hours sleep/night for the last three nights. Tonight, I’m going to bed very early in an attempt to make up for lost zzz’s. You should do the same.

    Cardinal Rule: Do not drink regular coffee less than 5 hours before bed or decaf less than about 2 hours (it still makes you want to pee a lot and has a bit of caffeine): Unless you are a caffeine addict, but that’s bad for your heart!

    • Yes, I will go to sleep early tonight.
      Usually I don’t drink coffee at night but last night I needed some caffeine. Anyway I fell asleep 5:30 am so I didn’t drink coffee less than 5 hours before bed! :p

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