Day 52

It was quite cold this morning. I drove my husband to his work in downtown then went to the gym. There were many people on the ellipticals and most of them seemed struggling. Must be new members 🙂 When they finished exercising their faces were red and sweaty, but they looked happy.

I looked around before I picked my treadmill. There was no sight of that creepy old man. Yay! I ran 5.01 miles. I thought about having an easy day but didn’t do that. My body didn’t feel tired and the run didn’t feel difficult. It feels like running 5 miles became my daily routine. Let’s see how I will feel tomorrow.

It snowed a little bit yesterday. The sidewalks were covered with a thin layer of snow. The management company didn’t do anything yesterday so at night some parts of the sidewalk were really slippery. Today, even though the temperature plummeted it was a sunny day. The sidewalks were almost dry but the management company still poured so much salt on the sidewalks and driveways. Jeter and Cappy had paw problems because of salt last winter so this afternoon I put the doggy boots on them. I think Jeter sighed when I put his boots on 🙂 They are not big fans of boots but it’s better than having boo boo paws. In the winter, walking dogs requires more work unless you live somewhere like California or Florida.


2 thoughts on “Day 52

  1. A friend of mine in Florida was complaining about how cold it is there right now. 28 degrees! It’s -5 here .. so cold. I am thankful to have an indoor track to run on. Great job with your running!

    • Yes, you should be inside in that cold weather. In Chicago, wind chill is the problem. It’s always much colder than the number which shows in the temperature. But I still saw runners outside. One woman runner I saw this morning was wearing knee tights! Brrrrrrr.

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