Day 51

When you go to the gym and feel uncomfortable about another member who is nearby, what would you do? Just ignore and keep doing what you’re doing? Or move away? I did the latter. I moved to another machine today.

There is an old man at my gym. He used to do the stepper or elliptical before but recently he started to walk on the treadmill. There is nothing wrong about that. Problem is.. he is really distracting and makes me quite uncomfortable. Many times, even when the gym is empty, he picked the treadmill near me. No matter which treadmill I ran on, he picked a machine near me. And he stared at me a lot and sometimes says something. I had my headphones on so I don’t know what he said. I don’t know he said something to me but I do know he didn’t something to himself. He did that several times. That really bothers me. He is a kind of creepy looking old man. And he has really bad BO. At the gym, people get stinky. But his BO is not from the exercising. It is like…”I can’t breath” or “it makes me nauseous” level. I saw a man running next to him shook his head and moved to another treadmill the other day.

Today the gym was crowded but most of people used ellipticals and bikes so there were many empty treadmills. I picked one and started to warm up. And that old man hopped on the treadmill next to me. Come on! Why!! He stared at me when he started the machine. I didn’t want to put up with him. Just too creepy,uncomfortable and stinky. So I grabbed my things and moved to another machine far from him. Did what I do offend him? Maybe. But I didn’t care. I will do the same thing again if I have to.

After I moved to another treadmill, I felt better. I ran 5.31 miles today. If my memory serves right, that was the longest one since I started my project. I’m feeling a little tired now. I need to go to bed early tonight.


5 thoughts on “Day 51

  1. I work at a gym/rec center, and I have worked at several before this. If the guy is giving you the creeps or if his odor is offensive or disruptive, you are in the right to speak to one of the staff members about it. If you were to come into the fitness center wearing such thick perfume that people around you wanted to move away, they’d have the right to ask you to tone it down next time you came in. It’s not appropriate for someone with bad hygiene to be sharing his/her germs in a public setting like that – where people are more susceptible to picking up germs because they are exercising.
    Likewise, if the guy is giving you the creeps PLEASE say something to the staff. Then you have someone looking out for you too. I have had to walk someone to their car before and I have had to distract the “harasser” while a member had a chance to get a head start. We all need to look out for each other. It wouldn’t be right for the staff member to tell the guy to leave you alone (it might make things worse) but it would be a wise idea to report it so that if something happens – or if others have complained – they can do something then.
    I keep a close eye on who is allowed in my rec center. If someone looks suspicious, I do not have a problem asking them to leave.
    That’s my input. Stay safe. And who cares if you offended the guy.. You gotta look out for yourself!

    • Thank you for your concern. Well.. If the staff members of my gym are like you, I would say something 🙂 But the gym I go to is going through the transition so many staff members are changing. I don’t know who is a temp or who will leave. And that old man’s stinkiness is not from the perfume. If that’s his natural BO, What you can do about it? Sigh. Even though he makes me really uncomfortable, he didn’t do anything obviously accusable so there are more chances to make things worse if I confront him or report about him. I will avoid him and be careful.

  2. I would say that BO that offensive could be taken care of with a good shower, clean clothes and deodorant. But anyway..
    The rec center I work at is probably in worse shape than yours. Transition? We almost closed in August and ever since we’ve been fighting back a death sentence. I’m leaving at the end of January. There are only 4 full-time paid staff members and a bunch of part-time volunteers. It’s a little crazy there too. Good luck! Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

  3. I have had so many instances of disruptive people next to me on the treadmills, that I started hitting the gym around 5-6 AM every morning. It just takes you out of the zone to be next to someone who has bad BO, or is loud, or even worse – starring at you! WTF? Maybe you look like someone he lost (a daughter or something?)… Maybe he’s lonely… or maybe he’s mentally ill, but it would be enough to ruin my run.

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