Day 50

The first day of 2012. First things first. I went to the gym. I expected to see many people at the gym but to my surprise, it was almost empty! What? People in my neighborhood don’t have any New Year’s resolutions to be healthy/lose weight?? Anyway it was unexpectedly quiet and peaceful 🙂 I ran 5 miles today. It is the 50th day of my 100 day project. I have now run for 50 days in a row and reached the halfway point. At least 3 miles a day for 100 days in a row sounded quite daunting when I first started but now I really think I can accomplish it. I’m proud of myself 🙂

After I came back from the gym, we had our New Year’s Day brunch. I don’t know since when and how we started, but around this time of the year either on Christmas or New Year’s Day morning we have some French toast. Usually I make the oven baked French toast but this year we tried a different one. Eggnog French toast. When we went to Oberweis to get milk, we grabbed a bottle of eggnog and some of their recipes using eggnog. My oven baked French toast recipe required at least one day of preparing but this eggnog French toast recipe doesn’t take that much time. Our eggnog French toast brunch was yummy. I know this one has more calories but I don’t eat this everyday. Just a special brunch for one day. I think I’ll be okay 🙂


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