Day 80

The third day of my recovery week. It was a beautiful morning. It was sunny and the temperature was above 50 degrees. So I went to the forest preserve trail to run instead of going to the gym. It was colder than I thought because of a strong wind. I was glad I grabbed my fleece hat before I headed to the car. I put it on to cover my ears and started to run. There were many people out to enjoy this unusual January weather. Some of them were even wearing shorts. The high temperature today was 57 but this morning the temperature wasn’t there yet and to me it was still too cold to wear shorts. I forgot to bring my running gloves and I missed them.

I ran 4.7 miles. Unlike many of my DailyMile friends, I found running on a treadmill is easier than running outside on the road. Today was not an exception. But I started to break a sweat after 1 mile and enjoyed running outside. There were some spots covered with snow/slush and ice. There were puddles, too. I needed to find drier spots to pass because my shoes(Nike Free Run+2) are so light and comfortable but they are really easy to get wet. Anyway, I got plenty of vitamin D today. I thought about going out to run in the afternoon when the temperature goes up more but going out in the morning was the right decision because it got cloudy.

I checked my monthly mileage when I came back home. I ran a total of 160 miles in January. Not bad. Not bad at all:)


Day 79

The second day of my recovery week. I ran 4.55 miles today. It still feels strange to run less but I kind of enjoyed my easy run until a woman hopped onto the treadmill next to me. Oh my word.. she smelled like a giant raw onion. For the rest of my run, the only thing I did was try to figure out what kind of food you can eat in the morning with tons of raw onions. I learned today the smell of strong raw onion can be as bad as BO or strong perfume. I put her on my gym black list.

Even though there are some members I want to avoid to be near and I need to work on wiping and sanitizing, I still don’t mind going to the gym. Sometimes you can get motivated by watching all kinds of people exercising. Today after I finished my easy run, I watched the class for awhile. One thing I want to try after completing my 100 day project is the group exercise. There are only a few classes that my gym offers, but still I can try. I have been um…a lone wolf, when it comes to exercise at the gym and I feel a little bit awkward just by imagining myself in the group class 🙂

Day 78

It is the first day of my 12th week and it is also the first day of my recovery week. To follow my plan – running 10 to 20 percent less – I ran 4.61 miles. It felt a little bit strange. It felt like I didn’t do enough. But I should remember this is for a strong finish of my 100 day project. My legs worked hard for 11 weeks. They deserve to have a recovery week. My husband walked 3.37 miles. He is doing good. A little by little, he is improving his walking.

Last night we shared two cupcakes – a red velvet and a peach cobbler. They were so good. We had a red velvet cupcake before so we knew it wouldn’t disappoint us. But it was the first time we tried a peach cobbler. I was so glad we got that one. It was light yet flavorful. Its frosting was fluffy. It was just so right. Tonight we will have the other two cupcakes which are left. I like these cupcakes:)

Day 77

Having two easy days at the gym, a good night sleep, and resting during the day yesterday helped my legs feel good again. My husband walked 3.34 miles and I ran 5.55 miles. It was a good run and a nice way to complete the 11th week (37.55 miles). Even though my legs feel good now, I will have a recovery week next week. Daily mileage will be 10 to 20 percent less. Only 23 days left to complete my 100 day project:)

Today is also my birthday. But I didn’t want to have a big birthday party. I just want to have a quiet, good time with my husband and corgis. I didn’t want to go out for dinner because I’m enjoying our healthy eating these days and don’t want to mess it up. My husband cooked a good dinner for me. And we enjoyed some cupcakes. I’m not a big cake eater so cupcakes are a better choice for me. I like cupcakes from Molly’s cupcakes. We got 4 cupcakes – a Ron Bennington (chocolate cake with peanut butter filling), a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, a peach cobbler, and a banana cake with chocolate frosting.


It was a good day. Now I will give a special treat to Jeter and Cappy since they couldn’t enjoy the cupcakes:)

Day 76

Today I got up early and went to the gym:) I didn’t have a good enough sleep last night again but my legs felt better than yesterday. I ran 5.11 miles. I gave my legs another easy day today. My husband walked 3.33 miles.

My Corgis went to the doggy daycare center today. Jeter and Cappy were so excited when I parked the car in front of Doggy Dojo, Cappy even jumped down from the car before I took her down. I don’t let them jump down from the car and usually they are waiting even with the car door open until I lift them down. But today she just couldn’t wait. I know she really loves to go to play with other dogs over there but still it’s not safe coming out of the car like that. I need to teach her again not to do that no matter what.

Since I already did my run for today and my corgis were at the DD, I had a whole day for myself:) I tried to use this chance to enjoy the uninterrupted rest but somehow I couldn’t. I just did some chores and all the morning was gone. I took some nap in the afternoon but it wasn’t enough.

Jeter and Cappy came back home now and they are dog- gone pooped out:) They must of had a good time over there.



Day 75

On Thursday I am always more tired because on Wednesday I need to work. Last night I stayed up late and didn’t get enough sleep. So this morning I couldn’t keep my promise to my husband to go to the gym early. I felt so sorry 😦

I went to the gym later in the morning alone and had an easy day. I ran slowly and walked more. Total mileage for today was 5.09. I will go easy again tomorrow. My legs have been strong so I didn’t throw in any easy days recently. But today, for the first time in a while, my legs felt heavy. After completing my 11th week, I think I’m going to have a recovery week. It’s time to give my legs some break.

That was my Day 75. 3/4 of my project was completed. I came this far 🙂

Day 74

Last night I stayed up later than I planned because of the coughing. I took cough medicine but it took some time before I could fall asleep. This morning my husband didn’t wake me up at 5 am. He let me sleep more. That helped a lot. But this annoying coughing and chest congestion still didn’t go away. Ugh.

But my run today wasn’t bad. I ran 5.7 miles. It was a new record for my most mileage at the gym. I actually felt much better when I increased the speed a little bit. I sweated a lot. I wish I had a headband which stays on my head. My husband bought me headbands but they just don’t want to stay on my head 😦

Recently I read other runners’ blogs. Some are my new dailymile friends. Everybody has different goals and abilities but all have the same love for running. And most of them are so diligent on their running and training. That motivates me. They are walk the walk, not talk the talk.

After I came back home from the gym, I took some rest and medicine. Coughing seems to get worse at night. Hopefully that will not be the case tonight.

Day 73

Day 73. I ran 5.58 miles. I was still half asleep while my husband was driving to the gym. But once I pressed the start button on the treadmill, my legs moved in rhythm. I pushed the envelope a little. My pace stayed between 5.7 to 6.0 mph, more than before. Hopefully sooner or later I can run faster than 6.0 mph comfortably. But I know right now I am not still 100% yet. Tonight I will go to sleep early again. I need to get rid of this coughing and chest congestion completely.

My husband walked 3.27 miles. He is doing so well. Along with going to the gym, recently we are being more careful about what we eat. We are eating healthier foods. I’m so glad my husband is trying to eat more vegetables.

Temperature got milder and all the salt was gone. That made the dog walk easier…until the next snow.

Day 72

I slept a lot. I went to bed early yesterday and this morning I slept more. So my sinus problems got much better. But I am still coughing a little. This coughing is getting really annoying.

My running for today was better than yesterday. I ran 5.37 miles with my new running top on. Breathing was still not that great enough to run faster than 5.7 mph though. I can’t wait until my daily mileage hits 6 miles.

After the gym I went to Oberweis to get some milk. It was very windy and cold. I ordered a hot chocolate and that warmed me up nicely. Yum…. I went to another store to get some things. When I came back home, after taking a shower I had a nice nap with my husband – he had a day off – and corgis. It was raining/sleeting outside but I felt warm and cozy. I enjoyed a really good dinner. I had a good day 🙂

Day 71

I still have some coughing and sinus problems. Yesterday after I slept more I felt better but at night the symptoms came back. Today we went to the gym in the morning and I struggled a little bit. My legs felt fine. But I had to work hard to breathe. So I slowed down and had 3 walking breaks. My mileage today was 5.15. But it wasn’t that good of a run. I need to take care of my sinus problems. My husband walked 3.28 miles. Today at the gym, an English premiere soccer game(Manchester United vs.Arsenal) was on tv. It was way better than watching infomercials.

Yesterday I wore one of my new running tops and loved it. It is really light and soft. But I’m saving my new pair of shoes for a drier day 🙂

It was the first day of my 11th week. When I started my 100 day project it seemed quite daunting. But I already have 10 weeks under my belt. It has been easier than I thought. I think one thing that helped me was that I didn’t think about how many days left. I just kept running one day at a time and will do the same the rest of my project.