Day 47

“If I struggle again at the gym today, I will make the rest of my 7th week a recovery week.” That was what I thought on the way to the gym this morning.

“Just run 3 miles and if it feels hard, call it a day.” That was the thought in my mind when I pushed the start button on the treadmill.

But what I actually did was ran 5.11 miles without any problem. It felt easy today. I didn’t even feel tired after the gym. What did I do yesterday to energize myself?

I checked my total mileage today and found out tomorrow I will pass the 200 miles mark. I’m doing pretty good šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. Since you are running some serious miles, have you made any changes to your diet and sleep? I am curious to hear about stuff like vitamins and protein/carb intake. Have you lost any weight from all the running (or too much weight?)? I am trying to get back into it but I find my energy levels are just not there when I’m at the gym.

    • I’m trying to sleep more. I don’t stay up late. Diet wise I don’t change a lot. Just trying to eat better food. But that doesn’t mean cutting down certain things because proteins/carbs/fats are all important. Since I started my project I’m taking a multi-vitamin pill everyday. I didn’t weigh myself but I can see some changes. I think I lost at least 2 jean sizes. My face is getting smaller and I can’t wear my rings on my ring finger any more.
      For me, going to the gym in the morning is easier and feeling more energy than going there later. When I feel my battery is almost empty, I don’t try to do much. Just like “okay.. let’s do 3 minutes” and another 3 minutes or until this song ends.
      Hope you find the way to maintain your energy level. Steal some energy from Crumpet šŸ™‚

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