Day 46

Preparing and enjoying Christmas made me exhausted. After all things were done and when normal days came back, I feel so tired. I was thankful the weather on Christmas day was not that bad when I ran outside but the cold air and the windiness of that day gave me a sore throat. So I didn’t feel that great today. But I went to the gym and ran 4.65 miles. While I was running I thought about my project. I’m getting closer to the halfway point. What should I do after the 100 days? I don’t know I will keep running everyday or having some resting days with a training program. One thing for sure is the joy of running should be the first reason I run. Well.. I still have more than 50 days to think about it.

I run everyday but my corgis don’t. Their exercise level is pretty low in the winter. I wish we had a treadmill for them.


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