Day 44

One of many gifts I got from Santa this Christmas is a pair of new running shoes. I tried them on today and love them!

I got Nike free run +2 shoes. Some people said they are not the real minimalist shoes. Yes, they are not like FiveFingers but a quite good choice for me. They are light, flexible, and super comfortable. Today I ran 5 miles with these shoes on. It felt easier. I’ll see how my feet will feel later. But for now, I’m really satisfied.

My run for today is done. So I could enjoy some nap time this afternoon – 2 humans and 2 corgis together. Maybe that was what my corgis, well.. I wanted 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 44

  1. The Nike Free series was the first of the “barefoot” running (minimalist) shoes. I hope you love them! Any shoe with a very flexible sole and a low heel is better than a regular running shoe. I would love a pair of Five Fingers .. but I’m saving my money for a big upcoming move! 🙂

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