Day 43

Today our gym was closed so I needed to run outside. My husband bought me an outdoor running top – warm fit – and gloves for Christmas so I was ready for going out to run. The weather was not bad. Sunny and not that cold. But it was pretty windy though. I went to the park near the house which has a quarter mile track. But it was so muddy so I ran the outer part of the track which is paved and more than 0.30 miles. Running around the track over and over was pretty boring. I’d rather go to the forest preserve trail but I didn’t have enough time to go there today. I ran 4.77 miles. I was glad it wasn’t 10-20 degrees. Running against the strong wind slowed me down a little bit but overall I enjoyed today’s outside run. Maybe I will run outside more often when it’s not really cold. Listening to the new music I put into my ipod yesterday helped me,too. Thank you Andrew for the CDs, a warm top, and gloves. I’m lucky to have a great supporter like my husband!

We had a Christmas dinner with my sister-in-law and her children. They stopped by at our house after the dinner so Jeter and Cappy got some extra love from them 🙂

It was a good Christmas for me. It was different than usual but more relaxing and I like that 🙂 My corgis seem to enjoy that, too. I will post some of their pictures.


One thought on “Day 43

  1. I was wondering how your run would be with your gym closed. I’m lucky to have had access to the building today. It’s really cold here right now. Yesterday it was 4 degrees. Today was a little warmer but not much in terms of running!! I was even cold in the arena.. It was cooler than 50 degrees inside. The thermostat didn’t show less than 50. My bare feet were chilly.

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