Day 41

Today my husband had a day off but he went for his annual checkup. So while he was out, I became an elf and wrapped the gifts. I organized boxes in the garage, too.

He came back with a pumpkin pie 🙂 We went to the gym around 11 am. I struggled today. Maybe I was too tired from doing many things. Maybe my blood sugar was low because I forgot to eat breakfast! Even my left ankle was sore. I slowed down and walked more. But overall my mileage for today was 4.26 miles. My husband did 3.25 miles.

When we came back home from the gym, I ate some food and felt better. I should’ve had a banana or something before I went to the gym.

In the afternoon and evening we cleaned the house. My husband took care of the first floor and I did the third floor. Jeter and Cappy were busy running up and down the stairs to visit us. They didn’t forget to bark at the vacuums 🙂

I just came back from late night shopping. Macy’s opens 24 hours around Christmas and every year we went there late at night for fun. This year the Woodfield Macy’s was quite crowded. People don’t sleep?

If tomorrow – well it’s already today – my legs feel tired, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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