Day 39

My Day 39 was more relaxing. I didn’t drive around the world to find things and I slept more. Yesterday my husband said he walked an additional 2 plus miles during the lunch time. He didn’t tell me where he went ( he just said “secret secret” and smiled ) but he did say his legs were really tired. I did many things yesterday and got tired, too. So my husband had a day off from the gym today and I could sleep more in the morning 🙂

I ran 4.64 miles today. My legs felt heavy for a while but after 1 mile everything was okay. It was drizzling outside this morning and the gym was not that crowded. I think I can say running became my habit now. I don’t think about it. I just do it 🙂

My husband’s coworker gave him doggy treats for our corgis. Jeter and Cappy are the unofficial mascots of my husband’s office and some coworkers are our corgis’ photo subscribers 🙂 She is one of their fans and a dog owner too. Her dog will get some doggy cookies from me.


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