Day 34

We went to the gym early in the morning again! Usually we park on the rooftop parking lot and we don’t need to walk that far from the car to the door. Today we didn’t bother to wear long pants just our shorts because we thought we would park on the roof. But this morning, the rooftop door wasn’t open yet. We had to park at another lot much farther from the main door and walked to the gym with just shorts on. Boy, it was cold. But the cold air woke me up 🙂

After two days of easy running, my legs felt fresh today. But my husband said it wasn’t a great day for him. He couldn’t find the rhythm and time felt longer. Still he kept walking. I’m proud of him:) Our mileage today were 2.77 for him, 4.13 for me. My left ankle feels much better today.

Now there is one more thing I want for Christmas. I want unseasonably warm and dry weather on Christmas day:p Our gym will be closed so I don’t have any choice but to run outside on Christmas. You can say I’m not a hard core runner. I just don’t like running outside when it is really cold.

I took some pictures of my corgis today. They became my Christmas corgis:) I can’t believe there are only 9 days before Christmas.


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