Day 33

On Wednesday I often work at night and stay up late. That’s why my husband usually has a resting day on Thursday because he knows I need to sleep some more. This morning my ankle felt a little bit sore. Maybe because I sat up for a long time last night without elevating my left leg. But I didn’t have any pain when I was at the gym. I ran slowly 4.25 miles. I was watching myself in the mirror carefully. I needed to check whether my gait was changed or not. I didn’t see any change and feel relieved. Well, since I didn’t feel any pain so there shouldn’t be any change of the way I ran. But I will still be very careful for a couple of days.

In the afternoon, I walked more than a mile with my corgis. Actually I didn’t plan to do a long walk but I forgot to bring the house key and locked myself out. I didn’t even bring my cell phone. It was quite windy and cold. I needed to wait about an hour until my husband come to my rescue. I didn’t want to get sick. So I decided to walk to our doggy daycare center. Over there I could wait for him inside and walking a mile is better than just sitting in the wind. Oscar, the owner of Doggy Dojo, and everybody were so nice. They let Jeter and Cappy run around while I was waiting for my husband. I was reading magazines and Oscar gave me a bottle of G2. I love DD. It is more like a really good friend’s house than just a doggy daycare for me.

After some time my husband arrived and we all came back home. Jeter and Cappy seemed to enjoy these unexpected afternoon activities. But I didn’t. Even though I am grateful of being helped, I don’t like the fact that I locked myself out. It makes me feel old and stupid. But time to move on. Hopefully day 34 will be better than today.


One thought on “Day 33

  1. Glad your ankle is feeling better and that you made it home OK without having to wait outside. No one likes doing stupid things. I killed my car battery one day because I sat in the car, using my laptop by picking up the library’s wifi (it was closed) and I had left my keys in the ignition, leaving my headlights on .. I had to call AAA to get home. I was less than a mile from home but it’s not like I have a spare battery in my closet. :-/ That was an annoying day.

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