Day 32

My husband woke me up before 5:00 am this morning. But I couldn’t get up. So we didn’t go to the gym early in the morning. I was selfish. (But he was okay with my decision because he knew I needed the rest.) I wanted to sleep more but because of me, my husband skipped the gym today. I could go to the gym later but for him, that’s not the case (He said he was happy not going today 🙂 He really loves me). I was the bad one today. I am so sorry.

I went to the gym after 9 am. Because of my ankle, I walked more, ran slowly. But I could do 4.04 miles. I didn’t feel any pain but when I tried to rotate my ankle at certain angles it felt sore. I did R.I.C.E. again on my left ankle after I came back home. I will just be more careful for the next few days.


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