Day 30

It was a long, fun, and wonderful day.

Today was our annual Christmas date and ornament shopping day. I went to the gym at 8 am in the morning but didn’t have much time since we need to take our corgis to the doggy daycare center(Doggy Dojo). So I ran only 3.17 miles with a faster pace. I should have got up earlier 🙂 After I came back home, we drove to the DD and left our super excited corgis there and went to ‘Caffe de Luca’ for brunch.

Caffe de Luca is a fun and unique Italian cafe. We ordered and shared a breakfast pizza. Yes, breakfast pizza. A pizza with scrambled eggs, bacon, potato, and cheddar, mozzarella, and hollandaise. It sounds strange but it taste so good!. Usually I eat some and take the rest but today we ate it all. That was a right decision because that was the only thing we had until the dinner. As always, their coffee was so good. I love that huge coffee mug 🙂

With our stomach full, we headed to downtown Chicago. Every year, my husband bought me some bear Christmas ornaments. He bought cute glass ornaments from the Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza. Last year, we went there at night and it was really cold. So today he had a day off and we went there during the day. It was not that cold but we kind of miss all the lights at night over there. Anyway, we bought some new bear ornaments. I like teddy bear. So we started to buy bear ornaments for our Christmas tree and now I don’t know how many bear ornaments we have 🙂 These are the new ornaments we bought today at the Christkindlmarket and at Macy’s.

2011 Chicago Daley Plaza Christmas tree, Santa's house, Christkindlmarket, and 'The Picasso'

I only ran 3.17 miles in the morning but I think I had enough exercise today because we walked about 4 hours! After looking around the Christkindlmarket, we stopped at the Daley Center because there were bunch of young boys and girls singing and dancing. I don’t know who they are but they look like high school kids. They sang Christmas songs and everybody in that building felt the holiday cheer. It was quite entertaining. When the concert was over, we went to the downtown Macy’s. This year’s Christmas windows decorations were cute.

At Macy’s, we bought another bear ornament 🙂 And we went to the Walnut room to see its Christmas trees – one big tree and a bunch of small trees around it.

We walked along the Michigan Avenue a little bit with holding hands. I really could feel that Christmas is near. Thank you Andrew, you are the best.


One thought on “Day 30

  1. Beautiful photos. Sounds like a great day!! Imagine.. if you weren’t on this running streak.. you probably would have skipped running and not regretted it! So good job!! You are inspiring. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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