Day 26

Yesterday I had an easy day, rested some more, and took NyQuil at night before I went to sleep. This morning I woke up and didn’t have any stuffiness of my nose. That was good. But I was so so sleepy. I even closed my eyes for 5 minutes at the gym parking lot before I entered.

Today I struggled. My legs felt like being tied up with heavy chains. Yesterday, running was so easy but today it was so hard. Aren’t my legs supposed to feel good after having an easy day?
I ran slowly 4.07 miles with walking breaks. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better running day for me.

All day I felt tired. What does my body want to say to me? Am I running too much/fast too soon? Did I get the flu bug the other day and it is now acting up? Or was this a NyQuil side effect? Anyway I will go to bed extra early tonight. Let’s see how I will feel tomorrow.

Weather forecast says the temperature will drop to 20s tomorrow. Stay warm and don’t be sick!


2 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. I’ve got the staying warm part down. Down comforter šŸ™‚ Tired legs like that will go away.. you did it right – just run through it. Some days my legs feel heavy and I have no idea why. Don’t get addicted to NyQuil. You take it more than I do and I’m actually sick šŸ˜‰

    • Maybe that’s why I didn’t get badly sick šŸ™‚ I took medicine when I need it. I think treating your symptoms early is the second best way not to be sick that much. The best way is of course “prevention”.

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