Day 24

This morning at the gym I ran 4.55 miles. I have now almost completed 1/4 of my project. So far, so good. I know some friends worry about me not having any rest day in my 100 days. But don’t worry. So as not to be sick or injured, I’m really paying attention to my body. I give myself an easy day every 4-5 days and I’m very careful about increasing weekly mileage or running speed. I’m sleeping more, eating better food, and taking vitamins. I don’t remember when the last time I was this health-conscious.

My corgis were sleeping all day today. They surely played very hard with their fellow furry friends at the doggy day care center yesterday 🙂

So this is my day 24. Another good running day.


4 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. You sound in very high spirits. Congratulations! I’m glad you had a great running day! I felt pretty good too all things considered. Looking forward to this crud being OUT OF MY BODY!

  2. PS. Don’t let other people’s concern get in the way of your goals. It’s hard sometimes because it’s easy to start doubting yourself .. esp when your back hurts, your sinuses are clogged.. and you can’t stop coughing. BUT…. I honestly feel great when I’m running.

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