Day 22

This morning started like usual Sunday. We went to the gym. I ran 4.27 miles and he walked 2.76 miles. Last couple of days, many employees of our gym have been acting differently. Maybe they are worrying abut their future since another company bought this gym. Some changes will come. Hopefully good changes like new machines 🙂

After the gym, I expected to have a usual laid back Sunday. Like watching football and doing laundry. Or maybe we would do some Christmas decorating. But I spent most of afternoon at the ER because my husband had an unexpected bicep injury(not from the exercise). Luckily it wasn’t a serious one. I was so glad to hear that. But for awhile he will skip the gym so that means no earlybird gym for me. Btw, the ER doctor we met today looks just like Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy. Or he is trying to look like him 🙂

Now we are back to the normal Sunday evening. I’m thankful for that.


2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. I want to come visit and get injured so I can meet Dr. McDreamy!!!!!!! Glad he’s OK and great run today!! 4.27 – one of your longer runs, eh?

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