Day 20

I made day 20. I did 1/5 of my plan, yay!!

Yesterday after I came back from the gym, I started to sneeze and felt some congestion. Did I get something from the gym? I always try to be careful about not getting any germs. I deligently wash my hands and wipe the control panel of the treadmill at the gym. But somehow I got something. So I took NyQuil again last night hoping I wouldn’t have any problem in the morning.

That plan worked. Not feeling really strong but good enough to go to the gym. I went to the gym early in the morning with my husband. I did 3.86 miles and he did 2.76 miles. I didn’t do too much. I felt good but I needed to take care of my body. I can’t be sick. I took some more rest today and I feel much better now.

I got a message from one of my fellow corgi owner friends. She started to go back to the gym recently after reading my blog. I’m happy to hear that. This blog is more for assuring myself but if it can inspire someone, that would be a nice bonus. Let’s run together!


2 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. I’m starting to understand why I have had a 2nd round of sore throat for 3 days, after finally getting better from a 2-week sickness. I WORK AT A GYM!!

    I hope you escape it. And I hope you know that your blog has been inspiring. Although we are working on different goals and different streak lengths, it’s nice to know that you’re out there pushing yourself too. I look forward to reading your blog every day. I’m glad you’re inspiring others and I hope you get a new running partner!

    Keep up the great work!! 🙂 And keep wiping down those controls – before and after your run! I apparently should go to work with rubber gloves and a face mask.

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