Day 19

I had an easy day. Since it was a resting day for my husband, I didn’t go to the gym at 5:30 am. I just went there around 9:20 am. I didn’t need to hurry and wanted to give my body a break. So I walked more and ran slower. I did 3.63 miles.

While I’m happy about my progress and understand everybody has a different running ability, sometimes when I see someone who is running fast and smooth I can’t help but envy that person. Today I saw one woman at the gym who was running beautifully. I wish I could run like her. Being a fast runner would be pretty hard for me so what I can try is working on the “smooth” part. But I really wish I could run fast like her. Maybe in my dreams tonight?

I sent 2 packages to my parents. I miss them. They are too far away and I often feel like I’m the worst daughter. I’m going to visit them next year. When I talked to my mom about that she sounded so happy. I miss her so much.


2 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Congrats on giving your body a little rest. There are simple ways to improve your speed other than just “run faster”. If you’re interested in some tips, let me know.
    I’ve been considering moving away. I’m already 3 hours from my mom and probably 7 from my dad but I want to live adventurously again. After a long and hard battle with myself, I finally gave myself permission to live my own life and move away. I know I will feel the way you do at times, but I am unhappy in my location and my job. Time for adventure.

    • Well.. My goal now is not about speed work and I know my limit 🙂 But thanks for the offering. Maybe later I will ask you for those tips.

      I moved from another continent and now I’m more than 12 hours away(by airplane) from my parents. I enjoy my life here but sometimes I miss my folks.
      Life is an adventure. Enjoy the adventure while you can. You’ll never know what good things might happen until you try something new!

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