Day 49

The last day of 2011. I took Jeter and Cappy out this morning then went to the gym. It will be filled with many New-Year’s-resolution-starting crowd tomorrow but today there were not that many people at the gym. I ran 5.03 miles today. And I competed the 7th week(33.77 miles).I think I need to have a real easy day like running just over 3 miles but it’s getting hard to run less. Maybe next week I will throw in some real easy days.

Even though there were less people than usual at the gym, I saw one guy who was wearing exactly the same running top as me. The running top I wore today was from the 5k race. You can say “oh not an unusual coincidence” but I found it funny and quite unusual. Because that was the one time only ‘5k on the runway’ race at O’Hare airport.

In 2008 when one of the new runways of O’Hare international airport was completed, this unique 5k was held. The race course was the new runway. I registered early because it sounded fun. When can you run on a new runway? On the race day, I got the race t-shirt. My husband was there with me as my supporter. He saw the t-shirt I got and said “That’s a cool t-shirt. I want one.” So he registered, too. Just for the race t-shirt 🙂 He didn’t plan to do the 5k that day but he was getting curious about the newest runway so he changed his mind at the last minute and we did it together. It was September but a sunny and hot day. And of course there is no shade at all 🙂 My husband was wearing a cotton shirt and shorts with a leather belt on 🙂 It was more a fun event rather than a race. Some people brought tape measures and checked the runway. There were many strollers and some people pushed their parent’s wheelchairs. Whenever airplanes were taking off or landing on nearby runway, people stopped and took pictures. That was a really fun day. I wore that race t-shirt several times before but today was the first time I wore it at the gym. Unlike our previous gym, the gym I go to now, it is quite rare to see someone who wears any race t-shirt. Not to mention that one time only race t-shirt. And that guy was an Asian, too. What a coincidence 🙂

Ten years ago today, I met my husband in person for the first time at the Navy Pier. I remember everything just like it was yesterday but it’s 10 years already!!

Only a few hours until 2012. Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year!!


Day 48

On our first trip together to Hawaii in 2004, I bought a pair of light blue Nike running shorts. The shorts have a yellow flower on the right leg and some Hawaiian patterns around the waist. I never wore them before because I bought a smaller size as a motivation tool. But today I wore them and ran. Yes, they fit now. They are longer than the Nike shorts I usually wear. I prefer the longer shorts but these days running shorts are really short. They don’t make them long like this anymore. But I have to admit that I appreciate today’s Dri-fit technology. My 7 year-old Hawaiian shorts are not that breathable 🙂

Anyway, with the Hawaiian shorts on, I ran 5.11 miles. And that made my total mileage 203.93 miles. I reached the 100 miles mark on Day 24. Exactly 24 days later, on Day 48 I passed the 200 miles mark! If I keep running 4-5 miles a day for the rest of my project, after 100 days my total mileage will be between 410-462 miles 🙂 Just one step at a time!

It has been raining all day. Jeter and Cappy were not that happy about going out in the rain this morning. They came back quickly. The afternoon walk was shortened again because they didn’t want to go far. I need to find a better raincoat for Cappy. What she wears on a rainy day is not the real raincoat. It’s more like a windbreaker. It’s okay in the light rain but not for the rainy day like today. I’ve been to several stores so far but I still couldn’t find a good one for her. Finding some doggy clothing which fits right for corgis is quite hard. Like my husband said, there should be “Long & Short” doggy clothing stores for corgis..and dachshunds 🙂

Day 47

“If I struggle again at the gym today, I will make the rest of my 7th week a recovery week.” That was what I thought on the way to the gym this morning.

“Just run 3 miles and if it feels hard, call it a day.” That was the thought in my mind when I pushed the start button on the treadmill.

But what I actually did was ran 5.11 miles without any problem. It felt easy today. I didn’t even feel tired after the gym. What did I do yesterday to energize myself?

I checked my total mileage today and found out tomorrow I will pass the 200 miles mark. I’m doing pretty good 🙂

Day 46

Preparing and enjoying Christmas made me exhausted. After all things were done and when normal days came back, I feel so tired. I was thankful the weather on Christmas day was not that bad when I ran outside but the cold air and the windiness of that day gave me a sore throat. So I didn’t feel that great today. But I went to the gym and ran 4.65 miles. While I was running I thought about my project. I’m getting closer to the halfway point. What should I do after the 100 days? I don’t know I will keep running everyday or having some resting days with a training program. One thing for sure is the joy of running should be the first reason I run. Well.. I still have more than 50 days to think about it.

I run everyday but my corgis don’t. Their exercise level is pretty low in the winter. I wish we had a treadmill for them.

Day 45

I had an easy day. I ran 4.10 miles slowly. It was the second day I wore my new shoes. I like them a lot and think about buying another pair.

There is not much to talk about today. Just a quiet day. And that was my Day 45.

Day 44

One of many gifts I got from Santa this Christmas is a pair of new running shoes. I tried them on today and love them!

I got Nike free run +2 shoes. Some people said they are not the real minimalist shoes. Yes, they are not like FiveFingers but a quite good choice for me. They are light, flexible, and super comfortable. Today I ran 5 miles with these shoes on. It felt easier. I’ll see how my feet will feel later. But for now, I’m really satisfied.

My run for today is done. So I could enjoy some nap time this afternoon – 2 humans and 2 corgis together. Maybe that was what my corgis, well.. I wanted 🙂

Day 43

Today our gym was closed so I needed to run outside. My husband bought me an outdoor running top – warm fit – and gloves for Christmas so I was ready for going out to run. The weather was not bad. Sunny and not that cold. But it was pretty windy though. I went to the park near the house which has a quarter mile track. But it was so muddy so I ran the outer part of the track which is paved and more than 0.30 miles. Running around the track over and over was pretty boring. I’d rather go to the forest preserve trail but I didn’t have enough time to go there today. I ran 4.77 miles. I was glad it wasn’t 10-20 degrees. Running against the strong wind slowed me down a little bit but overall I enjoyed today’s outside run. Maybe I will run outside more often when it’s not really cold. Listening to the new music I put into my ipod yesterday helped me,too. Thank you Andrew for the CDs, a warm top, and gloves. I’m lucky to have a great supporter like my husband!

We had a Christmas dinner with my sister-in-law and her children. They stopped by at our house after the dinner so Jeter and Cappy got some extra love from them 🙂

It was a good Christmas for me. It was different than usual but more relaxing and I like that 🙂 My corgis seem to enjoy that, too. I will post some of their pictures.

Day 42

I thought my legs would feel tired today because we went for late night shopping last night. But to my surprise, my legs felt light and I enjoyed today’s run. I ran 5.06 miles. My husband had a day off. He has sore muscles from yesterday’s cleaning and walking around at night. And he will do all the cooking tonight – I know I’m lucky 🙂 – so he needed some rest in the morning.

As of today, I completed my 6th week. This week I ran a total of 31.92 miles, yay!

After I came back from the gym, we went to our favorite pastry shop ‘Bitter Sweet’ and got some Christmas cookies and pecans. We then stopped by Mariano’s to get bread. The stores were not that crowded.

Today we will enjoy our own Christmas Eve with our corgis. Hope everybody have a wonderful time tonight. Merry Christmas!

Jeter and Cappy are falling asleep after the dinner 🙂

Day 41

Today my husband had a day off but he went for his annual checkup. So while he was out, I became an elf and wrapped the gifts. I organized boxes in the garage, too.

He came back with a pumpkin pie 🙂 We went to the gym around 11 am. I struggled today. Maybe I was too tired from doing many things. Maybe my blood sugar was low because I forgot to eat breakfast! Even my left ankle was sore. I slowed down and walked more. But overall my mileage for today was 4.26 miles. My husband did 3.25 miles.

When we came back home from the gym, I ate some food and felt better. I should’ve had a banana or something before I went to the gym.

In the afternoon and evening we cleaned the house. My husband took care of the first floor and I did the third floor. Jeter and Cappy were busy running up and down the stairs to visit us. They didn’t forget to bark at the vacuums 🙂

I just came back from late night shopping. Macy’s opens 24 hours around Christmas and every year we went there late at night for fun. This year the Woodfield Macy’s was quite crowded. People don’t sleep?

If tomorrow – well it’s already today – my legs feel tired, I wouldn’t be surprised.