Day 17

Going to the gym at 5:30 am is not a big deal for us anymore. I’m kind of enjoying that. My day starts early so I have more time during the day. I have more energy.

I did 4.27 miles. My husband did 2.89 miles. Another good running day. Only 17 days since I started to run again and already I can see some changes. My face is getting smaller. My jeans fit looser. My rings are now too big for my ring finger. When I run, I’m not huffing and puffing any more. I am a happier person. While I was running I imagined myself after I complete this 100 days project. That made me smile.

It was a very windy day. Wind advisory is effective all day. When I was out with my corgis in the afternoon, I really thought I might see two corgis flying in the air. There were so many broken branches. It was hard to walk against the wind. Jeter was smart enough to walk behind me and using me as a windbreaker. Cappy was too busy chasing flying leaves. One man came to us and asked me where I got these beautiful corgis. He said he has been looking for a corgi for years and he really likes my corgis’ look 🙂 I gave some information. Corgis are cool.


3 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. The ‘windy city’, eh?
    It was unseasonably warm here today. It’s normally bone chilling cold in late November in northern Vermont. It was 63 today, but I spent the day inside anyway for work.
    What do you do during the day? Work? I hate my job and I’ve been on the prowl for a new one. Today was particularly blah because it dragged and then when I got pulled away to fill in for the lifeguard who did not show up for his shift, two of our spinning instructors got into a pissing match which was filled with swears and threats – the whole nine yards. I am glad I missed it but I hate working at a place (as a manager) and having no room to make decisions. Both would have been suspended and we (as a rec center) would have had to suffer the consequences of having no instructors, if I were in charge. The behavior was ridiculous. Spinning class? Really? Hopefully what you do is more enjoyable. 🙂 Thank God for running, right?

  2. PS. Glad to hear you’re losing “mass” .. I am finally starting to feel better and I think it’s time I step it up a notch. I’ve gotten stuck in the habit of doing only 1 mile.. Eep!

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