Day 15

Usually when I’m really into something, I tend to dive in deep. I read about it a lot, think about it a lot, and talk about it a lot. My husband jokingly (or maybe he was not joking) said I get obsessed.
When I first started running, I was “obssesed” with it. I had the master plan for my marathon training and tried to stick to it. If I didn’t do enough I criticized myself and many times I was stressed out. But I’m not saying I regretted those days. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole experience overall. I don’t know why I stopped running for this long. It’s good to be back to the running days again. But this time my attitude toward running is a little bit different. I’m focused more on the joy of running itself and making it my lifelong lasting habit.

Making a good habit takes some time. Even though I didn’t have many ” I want to skip running today” days, but it still requires some will power. The good news is it’s getting better. Today we automatically went to the gym. Nowadays it’s not about going or not going. It’s about “what time we will go.” It was drizzling outside and our gym was little bit more crowded than usual. I increased the running speed a little bit and did 3.65 miles. My husband walked 2.85 miles. On the way back home, he said he was tempted to skip the gym today but glad he didn’t do that. I was proud of him. I love going to the gym with him.

The Jay Cuttler-less Bears are not doing good. I’d better find a different channel to watch.


2 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. How long was your “not running” gap? (From the time you were “obsessed” to now).
    I was a competitive runner – ran XC in high school (wasn’t very good) and indoor track. In college I ran XC (not the best but important nonetheless). After college I ran marathons and even an ultramarathon. But I bought my bike in 2009 so I could start my life as a triathlete and I lost my love for running. I’ve struggled to find joy in running over the past year and a half (maybe longer) and it was on Oct 15th that I decided, on a whim, to run every day for a full year. I’m being smart about it because I know there will be days (and there have been in the past 2 weeks) that I’ll be sick, tired, or straight up too busy to run more than a mile. But I was convinced (and I’ve proven so far) that you really can run one mile a day, regardless. I wish you luck in your endeavor. Running a minimum of 3 miles every day is more of a commitment than I was willing to make. I will say that I’m convinced that if I had “forced” myself to run 3 miles every day during the past 2 weeks of sickness, I would be in much worse shape than I’m in now. I’m on my way out of it, thankfully, and feeling good.
    Anyway – glad you enjoyed your run today. It is nice when you realize that your mentality has changed from “will I” to “when will I” .. good job šŸ™‚

    • I didn’t run for more than a year. Many things happened and I could use them as my excuses but I don’t want to. It was me who stopped running.
      Unlike you, I was never a competitive runner. I belong to the back of the pack šŸ™‚
      I want to complete my 100 days plan but in case I get sick, I mean really sick, I’m going to do what is the best thing for me. I can start another streak again and I’m old enough not to risk my health šŸ™‚

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