Day 14

I used the ice wrap on my left knee last night. It wasn’t swollen or painful but I did that as a precaution because it had been some time since I ran 4 miles without any walking break. Since I still had a sore throat and ran outside, I took NyQuil before I went to bed. NyQuil worked well on my sore throat but it made me sleepy. Today after I took my corgis out, I went back to bed and slept all morning.

It was raining outside so we went to the gym. I did 4.11 miles but I had to run slowly because my left knee still felt funny in the beginning. My husband walked 3.04 miles.

In my second week, my mileage was at least 28 miles. I’m moving forward little by little 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Good job!! Not sure what you’re doing for strength training but sometimes knees feel sore because the muscles that support them are sore. Try throwing in some low weight – high rep (20-25 reps) of some quad extensions and hamstring curls. Maybe some lunges and squats too but you gotta keep good form. 🙂 Sorry for the unsolicited advice – it’s the trainer in me talking 🙂 Good luck and keep it up. Also – keep icing – best time to do it is right after your run.

      • I meant to say knees feel sore because muscles that support them are weak – strengthening them will improve their ability to support the knees. Contrary to popular belief, running isn’t strength training for the legs .. strength training is VERY important for runners and endurance athletes alike.

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