Day 13

We had a great time yesterday at my sister-in-law’s house. Everything was good especially the turkey. Jeter and Cappy got so much love and a little bit more treats than usual – I needed to lure them from the kitchen. They behaved so well and everybody loved them. I was proud of them and grateful that my sister-in-law let us bring our corgis.

Even though we were dead tired this morning, we did go out to grab some black Friday deals – we just went to Menards about 9:30 am so it wasn’t a real door buster 🙂 I felt tired and still have a sore throat but I didn’t skip running. I went to the forest preserve trail. It was sunny and mild in the morning. It will be rainy on the weekend and they say the temperature will drop next week. So I couldn’t miss a day like today for running outside.

When I arrived at the parking lot of the trail, it wasn’t sunny anymore. It was cloudy and windy. But still nice enough for me. I didn’t take my dogs with me today. My corgis were pooped out along with my husband so I gave them a day to rest. After the warm up walk, I ran 4.2 miles. Including the warming up and the cooling down, I did 5 miles. I was happy running. I felt free, I felt great. I started to love running again!


One thought on “Day 13

  1. Congrats on falling in love with the run again – doesn’t it feel great to reach that point? The runner’s high is unlike anything else. I’ve missed that because one mile has never been enough for me to catch the runner’s high .. but I’m working on a much, much bigger plan and I need to keep that in mind. I’m going to try to go for a long(er) run tomorrow.. hope to catch that high. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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