Day 9

I went back to repeat walking/running rather than running continuously. This morning when I started to run, my left knee felt a little bit funny. It wasn’t bad or painful but I didn’t want to take a risk. But to maintain the intensity of my exercise, I increased my walking speed and did 3.62 miles.

I thought about going to the trail with my corgis but I had a sore throat. To complete my 100 days plan, I can’t be sick. So I changed my mind and went to the gym. After I came back from the gym, I took some rest. I made one of my comfort foods – kimchi tuna tofu stew. I feel much better now.

Tomorrow will be day 10. It’s only 9 days so far but I’m sleeping better, feeling happier, and maybe losing some weight 🙂 I can not go back to my lazy, sedentary days. Let’s go me!!


One thought on “Day 9

  1. Go you!!!! I’ve been sick for a week and a half. Granted, your goal is different than mine – one mile is certainly easier to commit to than 3 miles, but I have been able to run while sick. I started with a really, really sore throat and ended up completely wiped out. I wish you well. It sounds like you are making the right choices! I’ve learned that when you’re doing something like this, it forces you to take better care of yourself! Godspeed!

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