Alice in wonderland

This morning I took my corgis out. Usually my husband walks the dogs in the morning but today is his birthday so I  gave him some more time to sleep. And I met Alice the pug.

I saw her on the way to throw out the poop bag. She sat on the grass near our neighbor’s house. She was off leash and there was no sign of the owner. Jeter and Cappy were curious about her but I wasn’t sure what to do. She looked dirty but I could see that dog was someone’s lost pet not a stray. She seemed to be happy to see us and followed us. I never had this kind of experience, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t bring my cell phone and it was impossible to check her ID tag with my two corgis. So I went back home and she followed. My plan was to get my corgis in the house, grab the phone and a leash and go out again to find the dog. When I went into the house Alice was sitting outside of my door.. But when I looked out again, she was gone. I felt terrible. What if something bad happened to that dog?

I talked about that dog to my husband and we went out together. I found her again not that far away. We tried to catch her using some treats but she would only take the treat and run, this happened several times!! I was able to get near her, but it took some time to get her leashed. Her collar had 3 tags. One is the rabies tag for this year and other two are name tags with phone numbers. We tried the first number and it was disconnected.  Uh-oh. The second number, we got voice mail and left a message. There was one more number and we were finally able to reach the owner.  The third time’s the charm 🙂 My husband told the excited dog owner where we are. And about 10 minutes later, Alice was reunited with her anxious but happy owner 🙂

The owner – we forgot to ask his name – was running out of the car calling his dog’s name. He hugged me and thank us so many times. Alice was lost since last night. Alice’s dog walker took her out and somehow she got off leash and ended up here. The owner lives in the near suburb. I don’t know how this little girl came to Chicago.  But after a long cold night she smelled bad. I think she took a roll in something stinky!  When I check her tags, my fingers got covered with some smelly stuff. She will get a good bath and much needed medicine, too. I was so happy we were able to help this little dog. Her owner wanted to reward us and offered money. But we didn’t want to take. It was the right thing to do as a dog owner. But he insisted on giving us something. After several times we said “no thank you” to him, he said “Then I will donate money to the charity of your choice in your name.” That sounded okay so we said yes. We said “Lakeshore Corgi Rescue”, he surprised us by saying “I’ll donate 1,000 dollars.”

He hugged me and shook hands with my husband and left. Alice was happy in her owner’s car. I felt great. We actually helped a lost dog!!  Hopefully, Lakeshore Corgi Rescue will get a nice donation to help out a few more corgis. Hopefully, Alice will not get lost in “Wonderland” again.

Alice in her owner's car


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